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Mix hip-hop on virtual dj download

Mix hip-hop on virtual dj

Ultimately I'd suggest getting either a timecode setup or controllers with motorized platters if you want to get into serious hip hop mixing. Just wonderin how you guys mix hip-hop or rap songs together. It seems hard since the autobeat matcher won't work for these types of songs. i try so hard when i have to mix from a 90 BPM song to a BPM song. i am talking about hip hop tracks. what tecniques do you use??.

I have about hip hop/r&b/rap songs that I got from a friend but for Many times rap/hip hop tracks won't mix well with a long, blended. Topic: Hip-Hop/Rap Mixing Help. mireland Home user Member since Hey guys, I just downloaded VDJ today so i'm an extreme beginner. I mix mainly hip hop (from the old to the new) and for my transitions, i tend more of these 'hip-hop' effects to make my mixes a bit more varied.

Probably the most important thing for mixing hip hop, its phrase matching. And there\'s not much you can do to learn this other then feel the. One thing you can do is listen to other hip hop dj's and hear what they do and how they do it. Try to imitate some of their mixes (I can't believe I. 4 Feb Download a free trial of Virtual DJ and start mixing. Part 1 of 2 - How to Use Virtual DJ to mix hip hop in a club setting. Part 2 of 2 - How to Use.


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